St Nics Youth Dept.

The youth ministry of St. Nicolas Church, Newbury


Welcome to the St. Nics’ Youth Group Website.



Hello there, and welcome to the website of St. Nics Youth Dept. The youth dept. runs four main programmes during term time: The Firm (for years 10-13), Pathfinders (for years 6-9), Drop In (for years 9-13), and TGi (for years 6-9). You can find out more info by clicking on the programme that you’re interested in. As well as this, we also run small groups and bible studies and have been known to engage in the odd social activity. Information about these and more will be on this website as well as being sent out to all those who are registered with us. We work hard to be a friendly and safe environment where you can relax, have fun, and ask any questions you may have about faith and what it might mean to you. If you would like to more about us please feel free to make contact.  I look forward to hearing from / meeting you.


Term Card

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